Learning Chinese at Indiana University

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Hello, and welcome to the Indiana University Summer Chinese Workshop. I am the director of Chinese Workshop, Ying Ling Bao. And it is my pleasure to speak with you today. If you are studying Chinese, or are interested in Chinese, you have probably heard about the Indiana University Summer Chinese Workshop. But do you know what it is that attracts students to the Workshop every summer? It is the fact that our classes are not built around vocabulary or grammar, but around language skills. For example, first year students learn to introduce themselves talk about their hobbies and interests and describe their schools in Chinese. By the time you finish fourth year, you'll be able to understand everything I am saying right now. And you won't need these subtitles. Our classes help you develop these language skills and help you track your progress. At the end of summer, every student takes a national speaking test, the OPI. This test shows how well we have done at helping you develop your Chinese skills. To speed your progress, we have a Language Pledge. Students and teachers pledge that, at all times and everywhere, no matter who they are talking to, they will communicate only in Chinese. The amount of Chinese you speak here in one day, may well be more than the amount of Chinese you speak in a week now. In addition, we keep classes small; no more than 12 students per class. During class, you will have a lot of chances to practice Chinese with the teacher and classmates. We have four classes in the morning and one-on-one tutoring sessions in the afternoon. You may be worried that all that studying will be boring. But actually it's not; not at all! That's because we provide a wide of extracurricular activities, such as calligraphy, cooking, and mahjong clubs. On the weekends, we will have activities with local Chinese speaking families. And it's all in Chinese!  Doesn't that sound interesting? In two months of intensive study, you will not only improve your Chinese level and deepen your understanding of Chinese culture, but will also meet a new friends forge life-long friendships in the Summer Chinese Workshop.

Come join us and learn Chinese together with us!

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