See the world from a new perspective

The Language Workshop is the most diverse program of its kind in the United States, offering intensive, accelerated study in over 25 languages. Training ranges from novice level to specialized sustainment courses for highly proficient speakers (in selected languages). As part of the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the Workshop also offers specialized culture training, regional studies courses, and dialect training.

Today, understanding world languages and being able to navigate new cultures is more important than ever; so learn a new language, change your perspective and become an agent for change.

As you explore our offerings, don’t forget to check out the funding page to learn more about scholarships and fellowships available to Workshop participants.

Immersion Programs

Structured immersive study is one of the fastest ways to learn a language. Immerse yourself in Arabic, Chinese, or Russian this summer and see just how much you can do!

Study Abroad Programs

Nothing beats going abroad for helping develop cultural understanding and language skills. The Workshop offers a range of program types. Some provide 2 months of overseas study. Some combine 1 month of survival language training with 1 month of study abroad. Check individual programs for details.

Online & Hybrid Programs

Workshop courses that are not immersive and not overseas are offered online or in a hybrid online/in-person format. These courses are accelerated and intensive and are focused on providing communicative competency in the new language. Each course is different, so be sure to check individual pages to learn more.

Supplemental Courses

As part of the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, the Workshop has access to a vast array of expertise in the regions where our languages are spoken. In addition to our intensive language courses, the Workshop offers regional studies courses, dialect training, and classes on local culture and history. These are for-credit online evening classes, conducted in English, intended to supplement our regular language courses.

Supplemental Courses

Regional Studies Courses
African Studies
Southeast Asian Studies
Culture Training: "What You Need to Know before You Go"
Arabic Culture
Chinese Culture
Russian Culture
Arab Dialect Training
Egyptian Dialect | Levantine Dialect | Moroccan Dialect