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Languages are the windows from which we look at the world. They help us foster regional and cultural understanding and allow us to the build the bridges necessary to address global challenges.

The Hamilton Lugar School's Language Workshop offers intensive in-person, online, and overseas programs that help you make rapid and lasting progress through work with instructors from some of the best and most innovative language training programs in the world. You will also go beyond the classroom to engage with language and culture through a range of activities, including conversation tables, networking events, and alumni presentations. And don't worry. No matter your level, you will:

  • Earn one year of coursework in 2 months
  • Benefit from in-state tuition
  • Have options for funding (all languages)

Language Training Center receives $1.2M grant extension

The grant extension for the Language Training Center, which is supported by the HLS Language Workshop, will allow for the addition of new language instructors and training technologies for its relationship with the US Army's 1st Special Forces Command. The extension brings the total grant award to $2.23M.

The most important thing that a language does for you is provide you access to a whole new worldview: a different way of doing things, different philosophies, beliefs, and ways of communicating.

Connor Leach (Turkish, 2013; Russian, 2014)

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"Title VIII Fellowships provide tuition, fees, and room & board stipends for U.S. graduate students, area specialists, and scholars studying the languages and cultures of Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union in the Language Workshop."

320students in class of 2022

139schools, agencies, and businesses represented

25languages studied

It was life changing because knowing Russian opened up possibilities I wouldn't have had otherwise, and I've used Russian throughout my career... I can tell you that you are fortunate to be at Indiana University.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, former US Ambassador to Ukraine and Language Workshop alumna

A national leader in Foreign Language & Area Studies fellowships

"FLAS has helped me to connect with Russian archivists, historians and activists, and gain an understanding of their work to preserve their history for future generations."

Nicholas Ingersoll, Indiana University PhD student

The Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies provides more FLAS fellowships than any other school in the country.

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