About the Indiana Online and Overseas Hungarian Programs

Learn the Language then Study Abroad!

Students who study Elementary Hungarian in Indiana University's Language Workshop or the University of Pittsburgh's Summer Language Institute can combine 2 semesters of intinseve language study with an optional 4-week language and culture program in Budapest.

Learn the Language First

The Indiana University Online Workshop and the University of Pittsburgh's Summer Language Institute each provide 2 semesters of accelerated study to help students develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills quickly. Students in either program complete 1 full year of language training in only 2 months in real-time classes conducted in the language of study, emphasizing the development of real-time interpersonal communication skills, and preparing them to study abroad with confidence at the end the program.

In Indiana's Online Workshop you will study 17-20 hours per week in live online classes with an instructor and with other students. After class you will complete 3-4 hours of independent study to prepare for the next day’s class. You can also take part in interactive, real-time cultural activities with visiting scholars, performers, and practitioners.

When participating in the University of Pittsburgh's Summer Language Institute program students will have the oppurtunity to study a language for 6 weeks. Students will learn 2 semesters of language learning during their study.   

As an participant in either program, you will be part of a diverse group of talented language learners, including advanced high-school students, undergraduates, graduate students, scholars, professionals, and others. People join the Online Workshop and the Summer Institute for a range of academic, professional, and personal reasons, but they are united in their strong interest in learning the language.

The small class sizes, expert instructors, and highly motivated students of these programs provide a stimulating setting for you to develop your oral and written communication skills rapidly.

Study Abroad with Indiana

Students who complete Indiana's Online Hungarian Workshop or Pittsburgh's Summer Language Institute Hungarian courses successfully are eligble to join Indiana's immersion program in Budapest.

Students who have the equivalent of at last 2 semesters of Hungarian and no mor then 3 semesters and who pass a placement exam are also eligible. This includes students who studied in academic-year Hungarian courses at Indiana or Pittsburgh.

Click the APPLY TO INDIANA HUNGARIAN button below to apply to Indiana's Online Hungarian Workshop and/or its Summer Workshop in Budapest. You may apply for either component separately, or you may apply for both.

To apply for the University of Pittsburgh's Summer Language Institute Hungarian program, click the APPLY TO PITTSBURG HUNGARIAN link below.

If you plan to study in Pittsburgh and then join Indiana's program in Budapest, you will need to apply to both programs individually.



Indiana, Online Class Dates: May 20 – July 12, 2024

Indiana, Online Class Times: Monday – Friday, 11:00am-3:00pm, eastern daylight time

Indiana, Overseas Program Dates: July 12 – August 9, 2024

For Pittsburgh dates and times, see Programs | Summer Language Institute | University of Pittsburgh.

INDIANA ONLINE STUDY COST ESTIMATE ($1,950* + study abroad (optional) )

  • Language Workshop Program Cost - $1,500
  • Language Workshop Program Fee - $350
  • Books & Materials - $100

All rates on this page are estimates based on data available at the time of posting and are subject to change.

*This base rate applies to non-IU students attending online language courses only. Additional fees may apply to other students, for example the Student Services fee (up to $572) for regular IU students as well as any fees levied by individual IU schools and programs on their students attending summer courses.


For cost estimates for Pittsburgh's In-Person Hungarian programs, see Programs | Summer Language Institute | University of Pittsburgh.

    • Credit Loads, Online Study
      • All courses must be taken for credit. The Workshop does not offer courses for audit. 
      • Workshop online programs offer 8 undergraduate credits

    • Graduate Credit
      • IU graduate students receive graduate credit if it is available for their course.
      • Graduate course loads are more variable than undergraduate. Contact for the exact graduate credit load if you are an IU graduate student.
      • Non-IU participants may petition to receive graduate credit if it is available for their course.
        • Approval is not automatic.
        • Application fees apply.
        • Not all courses offer graduate credit.
        • IU cannot guarantee that your home university will accept graduate credit.
        • Write to to schedule a credit advising session.

    • Credit for the Optional Budapest Program
      • See the Budapest Study-Abroad page for details.

    • Credit for Pittsburgh SLI Hungarian

    • Live Instruction: 18 hours/week, 144 hours total
    • Independent Work: 10-15 hours/week, 120 hours total
    • Cultural activities: 30-60 min/week, 5-10 hours total
    • OPI Certificate: Provided at end of program
    • Transcript: Available at end of program


  • Indiana University Online Workshop courses are open to all, including:
    • Students from Indiana University
    • Students from other universities and colleges
    • Graduate, undergraduate, and community college students
    • Lifelong learners
    • Highschool students over age 16 on day 1 of the program

  • Indiana University's Program in Budapest is open to anyone who:
    • Has completed the Indiana University Summer Hungarian Workshop;
    • Has completed the University of Pittsburgh Summer Language Institute Hungarian sequence;
    • Has otherwise completed 2 semesters of Hungarian language or the equivalent but no more than 3 semesters and who passes a placement exam;
    • Is at least 18 years old on day 1 of the program

Students who have 2 semesters of Hungarian but who did not attend the Indiana University Online Summer Hungarian Workshop and did not complete the Hungarian sequence in the University of Pittsburg's Summer Language Institute may apply for the Budapest program. Such students will complete a placement exam and interview to confirm that their mastery of Hungarian is at the appropriate level for this program.

Graduate students studying in Indiana's Budapest Workshop are eligible for Title VIII Graduate Fellowships, regardless of whether they participate in Indiana's Online Hungarian Workshop or not.

Undergraduate students who participate in both the Online Hungarian Workshop and the Budapest Workshop are eligible for Women Engaging Globally scholarships or Hamilton Lugar scholarships.

Here are the basic steps* to becoming a Workshop participant if you apply BEFORE the Priority Deadline:

  1. By March 1 you get your admission and funding decisions.
  2. If you are at level 2 or higher, you take your placement test in March. You get your result about a week later.
  3. After placement in March, you go through IU summer admissions if you are not already an IU student.
  4. In late April you receive your syllabus and textbook details. Your instructional team begins to reach out to you.
  5. In late April/early May, you confirm your housing arrangements with Workshop staff.
  6. In mid- to late-May, your Canvas site opens and you have full access to your course.

*All dates are estimates and subject to change

If you apply AFTER the Priority Deadline, the admission process is as above, except:

  1. No funding will be available.

  2. If you are selected for admission but your class is full, you will waitlisted. Students come off the waitlist in order of merit, not in order of application.

  3. Your placement, admission, housing etc. timelines may be compressed, depending on when you are admitted.

For full program details, read the program handbooks. 

Program Handbooks