Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Questions

Yes. See Funding for a awards available and their deadlines.

Funding is available for IU and non-IU students, grads and undergrads, and also to non-students. The funding available for your course will be listed on its web page.

Additionally, student loans are available to IU students at Student Central.

Non-IU students may be eligible for other awards or loans. Please check with your home institution to learn what resources are available to you.

No. The Workshop will award all its funding to applicants who submit by the deadline.

You may be able to secure funding from sources outside the Workshop (e.g. FLAS awards from other universities, Flagship awards, private scholarships from other universities, financial aid, etc.), but you will need to contact these sources directly.

No. Scholarship and fellowship applications are included in the main Workshop Application.

Yes. You may apply for as many fellowships and scholarships as you are eligible for.

The Workshop application from will prompt you to apply to each program for which you are eligible.

Different courses have different costs, depending on the number of credits issued.  Consult the STUDENT HANDBOOK for details.

For details on your Indiana University bill, see


For help understanding your bill, please, visit for a detailed video.