Mongolian I Basics

This intensive program will help you learn to speak, read, and write Mongolian at the Intermediate Low level or better in two months. Upon completing the course, you should be able to survive in a Mongolian-speaking environment, engage in day-to-day exchanges, share basic information, and participate in simple social exchanges in Mongolian. You will have a solid foundation for further study or for travel to Mongolia.



June 3 - July 26, 2019

Classes meet 4 hours a day with additional activities several times a week.


The program is open to all, including

  • IU and non-IU students
  • graduate and undergraduate students
  • non-students
  • high-school students over age 16
2018 award recipientsy


Workshop participants stay in Willkie Center in air-conditioned single rooms, sharing a kitchen and lounge with other students of Mongolian.

Housing is included in your Workshop fee.

You may opt out of the Mongolian dorm, in which case your fee will go down roughly $1,800 and you will be responsible for your own housing.


Summer dining hall options are limited. We recommend that you plan to eat in the residence hall kitchens or in local eateries.

Although several Languages also hold weekly cooking clubs and many extracurricular programs include food, these events do not constitute the equivalent of regular dining options.



  • 8 undergraduate credits of First-Year Mongolian
  • Tuition: $2950
  • Fees: $750
  • Housing: $1800
  • TOTAL: $5500


  • 6 graduate credits of First-Year Mongolian
  • Tuition: $850
  • Fees: $750
  • Housing: $1800
  • TOTAL: $5400
*(2018 rates, rounded to $50. Rates for 2019 may vary.)